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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission underpin the strategic direction for SLC, our core purpose and the values which shape our organisational culture and priorities.

Our Vision 

SLC will deliver outstanding digital products and services to its customers and stakeholders and will respond effectively, quickly and flexibly to the demands of ministers and policymakers at the Department for Education and the devolved administrations.

Our Mission

Our Mission remains to enable our customers to invest in their futures by delivering secure, accurate and efficient assessment, payment and repayment services. It sets out what we do, how we do it and why we do it. It describes our current remit – why we exist and what we are doing today, tomorrow and in the months ahead:

  • What we do: we assess eligibility, we make payments and we provide repayment services for student finance. Everyone at SLC – whatever their role – is supporting these activities, even if they are not directly involved in providing them.
  • How we do it: we focus on the need to do things right first time with minimum fuss, so that customers get what they need from us easily and effectively. Part of this is ensuring that we have the right balance between our back office support functions and our front office functions which directly deliver services to customers. This includes the need to deal with personal information carefully and sensitively.
  • Why we do it: to provide finance to our customers to invest in their futures. We help them access funding to enhance their knowledge, improve their skills and increase their opportunities, consequently contributing to economic growth.
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